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From: Guoyu Du
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2021 2:06:32 PM
To: (Sensitive)
Subject: MADE IN UK Campaign in China after Brexit

Dear ******,

Amid the chaos and uncertainty brought by Brexit and Covid, we would like to present you with the MADE IN UK / 英产 Campaign, a marketing concept that re-defines uniqueness of UK manufacturing businesses and clearly distinguish British made products and services, generating export wins in Chinese market.


· First UK-centred omnichannel marketing campaign in China after Brexit
· New portal optimised for Chinese Internet: MADEINUK.UK
· One impressive brand with trademark protected in China: 英产® (MADE IN UK)
· Permanent online/ offline presence for UK brands engaging with Chinese clients
· Focusing on trade wins especially in food and drink, retail sector
· Strictly compliant with COO (Country of Origin) rule and guideline after UK leaving EU


The MADE IN UK / 英产 campaign is launched by MADEUK LTD, a London-based company with social ecommerce footprint in Chinese market. The campaign promotes and unites British-made products and services that featured with high quality and creative design. According to a series of researches, the MADE IN UK labelled products are highly accepted and with added value from the “MADE IN” customer perception.

Selling Points

The Country-of-Origin factor can be leveraged and marketed by UK manufacturers in China market, and MADE IN UK / 英产 will be the best solution because:

1. No more EU-centred methodology: A post-Brexit world needs a brand-new LABEL for British businesses, this comes along with the shifting from CE to UKCA marking rule in UK domestic market.
2. United efforts to combine labels like “made in England”, “made in Scotland” and with political correctness (noticing the missing NI in “made in Britain” campaign!)
3. Counter misleading-labelling with strict COO certificate check to ensure that products are made in the UK.
4. IP protection well in place. The trademark of “英产” (MADE IN UK) has been registered in China, and over the past 10 years following domains have been protected by this campaign: (portal to be launched in May)
… …


· The portal of campaign MADEINUK.UK will be launched in late May or June and can be re-arranged to support the other event.
· A dedicated online pavilion for UK products will be established by June with full online purchasing functions.
· Social media matrix across Chinese Internet will be created to generate localised content and support the campaign.
· UK interns have been arranged with support from UK university-backed internship programme, to be placed in June.


The MADE IN UK / 英产 is a business-win-oriented campaign conceived in the right time (post-Brexit), right place (largest consumer market after COVID outbreak). Unlike the GREAT campaign that more focuses on soft power and general image of UK, the MADE IN UK campaign directly captures the key information (COO) in cross-border trade scenario and re-brand it to the target market.

Right before the official launch of the campaign that pump in UK export wins and sales leads in Chinese market, any suggestion or support from the UK-China business community stakeholders are highly welcomed and appreciated. Looking forward to the feedback and partnership across the network. Many thanks.

Best regards,

Guoyu Du

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