Cyber Security


There are over 800 cyber security companies in the UK – companies like Darktrace that uses artificial intelligence to create trusted solutions.

Why choose UK cyber security

Outstanding research
The research carried out by 17 universities in the UK has seen them recognised as Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.

Industry investment
The UK government has invested in cyber innovation centres in Cheltenham and London to develop world-leading technologies and grow a pipeline of cyber-talent.

Guaranteed quality
The National Cyber Security Centre certification scheme gives buyers confidence that UK products and services are effective against cyber threats.

UK cyber security hubs

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in Cheltenham was set up using UK government investment to help protect UK critical services from cyber attacks.

The UK develops innovative cyber security solutions through partnerships with business, government and academia and several clusters of cyber security companies.

Universities work together on issues affecting the security of industrial control systems and critical national infrastructure. From measuring the physical harm of cyber-threats to analysing and communicating risk, they develop new and innovative solutions to cyber-threats.

Businesses, universities and the government have worked together to set up a regional network in the area to promote trade, investment and academic opportunities around the world.

Malvern in Worcestershire is known as ‘Cyber Valley’ due to its proximity to NCSC and the concentration of cyber security companies clustered in the area. With the world’s leading financial services hub, London is another centre for cutting-edge cyber security expertise and innovation.