Financial Services

With the largest network of financial institutions and professional services in the world, the UK has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Why choose UK professional and financial services

Guaranteed quality
UK professional and financial services have a reputation for quality – you’re guaranteed to get the right advice at the right time.

Known for reliability
The first choice for reliability, UK companies have a long history of delivering services on time, to specification and at the agreed price.

Safe and secure
With so many banks and financial institutions in London, security is vital. You can count on the latest physical and cyber security measures.

A focus on regulatory technology solutions

Increased financial regulation and a need for more insight and evaluation has seen a boom in regulatory technology companies (regtech) in the UK.

Progressive regulation
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is the most progressive fintech regulator in the world. Two programmes they have developed show their commitment to helping UK fintech companies.

‘Project Innovate’ helps startup companies navigate the UK’s complex regulatory landscape. While ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ allows fintech innovations to be tested on the market without being held up by regulation.

Even in a strong regulatory environment, UK regtech companies are encouraged to be innovative while remaining secure and trusted providers.

Leading the way
British regtechs are leading the way in making financial regulation and compliance smarter by improving know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks.

ComplyAdvantage provides real-time AML risk data and next-generation screening technology to help companies prevent financial crime.

Using new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s making huge improvements in AML and KYC compliance processes, helping banks to automate and improve how they screen new clients.

With offices in London, Singapore and New York, ComplyAdvantage helps more than 300 firms comply with regulations and reduce AML risk.

International collaboration
There are many reasons why a global business seeking the most innovative regtech services should partner with British companies.

The UK is one of the leading locations for financial services in Europe. It has an innovative talent pool, supportive infrastructure and a strong and responsive regulatory environment.

Building fintech bridges

The UK government’s ‘fintech bridge’ agreements with other nations are building closer and stronger collaboration between governments, financial regulators and the fintech industry.

So far the UK government has agreed ‘fintech bridges’ with:

South Korea
Hong Kong
Each agreement is unique, but all are designed to help fintech companies access opportunities and support in the respective markets.

The agreements offer access to:

events, meetings and networking opportunities
referrals to streamline regulatory approval
introductions to buyers, investors, trade associations and institutions
advice and one-to-one mentoring from fintech specialists
discounted ‘soft-landing pads’, grants or subsidies, where available