With a wealth of experience in aid funded business, airports, construction, mining, rail and water, the UK can offer complete infrastructure project solutions.

Why choose the UK for infrastructure

Specialist companies
The UK has 250 specialist companies working in 100 countries to support the world’s top 60 airports with services, equipment and construction programmes.

Digital best practice
The UK provides standards and descriptions of building information modelling (BIM) that other countries are using to develop their templates.

Engineering leaders
UK engineering in infrastructure, energy and water underpins the development of mines in increasingly remote locations throughout the world.

Global rail experience

The UK rail sector has successfully worked with partners and clients around the world to plan, design, build and operate advanced and sustainable railways.

From professional services to manufactured products, the UK offers outstanding expertise, innovation and value at every level.

Project delivery
Our railway sector has significant experience in delivering projects in the world’s most complex and dense urban environments.

Infrastructure expertise
UK companies are experienced at running and equipping a cost effective rail network in a competitive market. They can help deliver value across the entire system for the whole lifecycle.

Private sector led delivery
The UK private railway sector leads the world in adopting new models for rail delivery across franchising, concessions and public-private partnerships.

Established mining industry

With some of the biggest international companies, a world-class supply-chain and a focus on overseas markets, the UK has a well-established and thriving mining industry.

A centre for mining finance
The London Stock Exchange is one of the most important global financial institutions for raising capital for mining ventures across all project stages.

World-class professional services
From mining legal experts to specialist risk management, consultancy, accountancy and corporate governance, our professional services are used across the world.

Leaders in mining infrastructure
Engineering is at the heart of UK infrastructure, energy and water – elements that are increasingly important as mines are developed in more remote locations.

Trusted construction partners

UK construction firms and consultancies are trusted to meet the challenges of city planning and urban regeneration projects around the world.

The UK has a reputation in construction for quality, professionalism, sustainability knowledge and high safety standards.

Leaders in sustainable construction
We are home to cutting-edge technology and low-carbon, environmentally friendly materials and construction methods.

Exceptional designers, consultants and contractors
UK construction contractors and consultants are pioneers in providing value for money solutions with high health and safety standards.

At the forefront of digital best practice
We lead the world in using building information modelling (BIM) software to design solutions that can be built and operated efficiently.

Innovative airport solutions

From award-winning design and engineering projects, through to initiatives in air traffic management, UK companies are making a positive impact on a global scale.

Global specialist
The UK has 250 specialist companies who operate in 100 countries to support the world’s top 60 airports with services, equipment and construction programmes.

Safe transportation
We operate the largest aviation transport system in Europe, enabling the safe and comfortable movement of 230 million passengers each year.

Sustainable solutions
The world looks to UK companies for their expertise in delivering innovative and sustainable airport solutions.